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C:I Photography

Panorama Photography


We have experience in creating panoramic images of landscapes, objects, technical installations, etc. Please view the images at  Portfolio.

Panoramic images stitched from several single photos as wide as possible can be provided!


The definition of panorama photography according to wikipedia:


When shot on location our panoramic images are stamped with GPS location data. By using e.g. Google Earth the original geographical location of the image can easily be found.


A panoramic image can be landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) oriented. These kind of images are well suited for large-scale printing. Large format printing makes the fine details of the image stand out, so even at close range distinctive characteristics catch the eye.


From our own portfolio, impressive panoramas are available representing different areas of The Alps. We will extend this collection every month.


At Chasa:Imago we use special software, PTGui Pro or Photoshop CS4 to stitch our panoramic images. A powerfull graphic workstation, equipped with colour calibrated screens supports our workflow.


Panoramic images can be provided in sizes up to 60cm by 200cm on heavy (photo)paper, or (textile)canvas. For even larger sizes we enlist the services of a specialized printing firm. This specialized partner can print images up to 160cm wide by 500cm long on a number of different professional materials. The printing possibilities are so versatile we kindly ask you to contact us if you have any special requirements.

This also applies to the framing and stretching of canvas in any desired configuration.

If required we can recommend a specialized framing company. (locally based)


Object Photography


We can provide high quality close up images of for instance a piece of jewellery, or a watch, or wide images of the same for your company's home page. Documentation images of technical objects can also be provided.


Please check our Resources-References to view some samples of our work.


Even very large objects (e.g. a industrial facility, a technical installation, etc.) can be visualized in a panoramic image. See our examples at Panorama.

To finalize: there are many options available with which we can serve you. So please contact us to discuss your next assignment!



Content & Photographs copyright by Chasa:Imago/Erik Haak